Program Director

Program Co-Director

John R. Sedor, M.D.
MetroHealth Medical Center
R. Tyler Miller, M.D.
Louis Stokes VA Medical Center
Research Themes
Faculty Mentors
Mechanisms of Renal Disease Pathogenesis
Arthur M. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
Leslie A. Bruggeman, Ph.D.
Janice Douglas, M.D.
George R. Dubyak, Ph.D.
Ulrich Hopfer, M.D.
R. Tyler Miller, M.D.
Stephanie Orellana, Ph.D.
Jeffrey R. Schelling, M.D.
William Schilling, Ph.D.
John R. Sedor, M.D.
Michael S. Simonson, Ph.D.
Bingcheng Wang, Ph.D.
Renal Immunology and Immunopathology
Steven N. Emancipator, M.D.
Cliff Harding, M.D., Ph.D.
Peter Heger, M.D.
Donald Hricik, M.D.
Michael E. Lamm, M.D.
Patient Oriented Research
David C. Aron, M.D., M.S.
Randall Cebul, M.D.
Miriam Friedlander Weiss, M.D.
Peter DeOreo, M.D.
Mahboob Rahman, M.D.
Ashwini Sehgal, M.D.
Jackson Wright, M.D., Ph.D.
Genetic Epidemiology of Kidney Disease
Robert Elston, Ph.D.
Sudha Iyengar, Ph.D.

Training Candidate Requirements
For all trainees, the majority of the training program is directed toward conducting scientific investigation in kidney disease-oriented research in the laboratories of one or several of the primary training faculty. Candidates must hold an M.D. or Ph.D. before acceptance into the program. M.D. applicants will include board-eligible internists and pediatricians. All trainees are expected to complete at least two years of research training, although we strongly encourage M.D. fellows to have at least three years as a substantive foundation to develop a competitive career. All candidates must have permanent resident status (green card) before admission to the program.

Course Work
Advanced courses offered by the Medical School Formal course work is not required. On a voluntary basis, trainees may take any graduate level class offered by basic or clinical departments in the School of Medicine when appropriate for their research training.
Masters of Science The Clinical Research Scholars Program (CRSP) offers formal didactic course work and a longitudinal seminar series in conjuction with an established mentored research program for award of an M.S. degree. Link here for more information.
Masters of Public Health Offered through the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. A two year program with required course work in conjuction with an established mentored research program for award of an M.P.H. degree. Link here for more information.

M.D. to Ph.D. Program

Offered by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Credit given for previous M.D. course work for organ systems physiology, cell biology and other relevant classes. Link here for more information.

Seminars, Colloquia, Meetings
Core Curriculum

Participation is required for all clinical trainees. Lecture topics cover the scientific underpinnings of clinical nephrology. Faculty select key articles for review and presentation. Course repeats on a biennial basis

Clinical Conference
Tuesdays 7:30am
Rammelkamp Room R419

Participation is required for all clinical trainees. Topics include: biopsy conference, journal club, and case presentations.

Research-in-Progress Presentations
Basic Science
Fridays 9:30am
Rammelkamp Room R419
Genetic Epidemiology
Wednesdays 12:00noon
Rammelkamp Room R258
Health Services Research
Fridays 9:00am
Rammelkamp Room R219
Attendance and periodic presentations are required for all trainees in their appropriate specialization.
City-wide Renal Grand Rounds
Quarterly, time and place varies
Attendance is required for all trainees.
Rammelkamp Seminar Series
Tuesdays 12:00noon
Rammelkamp Room R240
Current schedule
Attendance is recommended for all trainees. Presentations include a wide range of research topics from both Case faculty and guest speakers from around the country.
Basic Science Seminar Series
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Mondays 4:30pm
East Wing, Room E531
Department of Pathology
Mondays 12:00noon
BRB, Room B22
Attendance is recommended for all trainees. A wide range of research topics are presented within the various basic science and clinical departments at Case. Trainees are encouraged to attend seminars on topics of interest.
National Meetings
American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting
American Society of Transplantation Annual Meeting
National Kidney Foundation Annual Meetings
Appropriate Basic Science Meetings
All trainees will attend and present their research at one national meeting during their training period.
To apply, contact:
Dr. John Sedor, M.D.
Division of Nephrology
MetroHealth Medical Center
2500 MetroHealth Dr. G531
Cleveland, OH  44109

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