The (RCC) is charged with responsibilities (1) to enable the organization to assess compliance with research requirements, (2) to review conflicts of interest in those cases where the investigator has disclosed significant financial interests that may be affected by the results of his/her research project and (3) to recommend management strategies to the Chairperson of the IRB. Management strategies are developed to address conflicts

of interest and to assure that the Investigator may satisfy his/her research obligations in an objective manner to avoid and/or mitigate concerns of bias. Management strategies that may be considered in addressing conflicts include:

No management necessary;
Public disclosure of significant financial interests;
Monitoring of the research by an independent management committee;
Modification of the research plan;
Disqualification from participation in all or a portion of the research subject conflict of interest;
Divestiture of the financial interests; or
Severance of relationships that create actual or potential conflicts.