The Research Administration and Business Office (RABO) is a centralized research office, created to assist investigators conducting research throughout The MetroHealth System (MHS). In order to properly report all research activity, and accurately document expenses used to compute the MHS indirect cost rate, it is critical that all research activity be monitored and tracked. RABO governs federal and private grant support, as well as industry sponsored clinical studies. The office coordinates Institutional Review Board (IRB), legal and accounting reviews of all projects, and facilitates budget formation and contracts.

RABO and the IRB are located in the Rammelkamp Center for Education and Research, Room R-104/R-103. The RABO main # is 216-778-8718. The IRB main # is 216-778-5459.







Secretarial Staff
Department Phone email
Linda Carnivale Grants Management Specialist 216-778-8993 lcarnivale@metrohealth.org
Sherry Jones Grants Management Specialist 216-778-7536 sjones@metrohealth.org
Kathleen Kreidler Director 216-778-8791 kkreidler@metrohealth.org
Bonni Kurtz Clinical Trials Associate 216-778-5219 bkurtz@metrohealth.org
Kathy Lawry IRB Manager 216-778-2077 klawry@metrohealth.org
Cindy Pollak Coordinator, Research Administrator 216-778-8718 cpollak@metrohealth.org
Ginger Pomiecko IRB Specialist 216-778-7741 gpomiecko@metrohealth.org
Lisa Shaner IRB Specialist 216-778-7742 lshaner@metrohealth.org
Michael Uline IRB Adverse Event Specialist 216-778-7575 muline@metrohealth.org
RABO Fax 216-778-8720
IRB Fax 216-778-7395