Application Process

  • Apply via ERAS with categorical candidates. Indicate preference for PSP Program at time of application.

  • Applicant will be sent a supplemental PSP application (Click here for Application) requesting statement outlining reasons for pursuing PSP Program, specifying areas of potential research interest, specify subspecialty area (if desired), letter of reference which specifically addresses the candidates suitability for PSP Program training and future potential as a physician-scientist.

  • Candidates selected for consideration will undergo an interview process which includes Internal Medicine, subspecialty area, director of PSP and designated PSP committee members.

  • Final decision on match rank order determined cooperatively by Internal Medicine, subspecialty, and PSP Program committee.

  • Candidates will not be ranked into the PSP Program without consensus of these directors.

  • Candidates may rank PSP Program alone, or in combination with categorical program.

  • Categorical resident trainees can be considered for the PSP Program during PGY1 year of categorical training if positions are available. However, these candidates must fulfill application requirements outlined above.

  • Click here for Application